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Boy (2) climbs out of cot and into city at 2am

GARDAI are used to dealing with people walking down busy roads in the middle of the night – but not a small child.

However, that is exactly what officers in Limerick city were greeted with yesterday morning after they received an emergency call about a two-year-old boy who was found wandering down one of the busiest roads on Shannonside.

Unknown to his parents, the child managed to get out of his cot, walked downstairs and strolled out the front door of his Garryowen home on the southside of the city shortly after 2am.

Without a care in the world, he took off walking along St Patrick's Road before turning on to the main Limerick-Dublin road.

The late night walk turned into a street stroll as the child walked down the centre of the main route into the city – more than a mile from his home.


A passing motorist saw the child, stopped their car and immediately alerted gardai.

Officers quickly arrived to the scene, but naturally the escapee was unable to give any address or tell the guards where he had absconded from.

Gda Sean O'Regan and his colleague Orlaith Ryan – both of Henry Street garda station – immediately began making enquiries as to where the child's home was.

In the meantime, the little boy was taken to Henry Street garda station where officers – who normally open their cells to late night visitors of a different kind – kept him warm with blankets and entertained him.

The child, who by this stage had gardai desperately attempting to establish who his parents were, was non-plussed by the whole night-time affair.

He left only one clue as to where he had escaped from. An open front door to his family home was discovered by gardai in the St Patrick's Road area at 4am.

The parents were awoken by the gardai and only then found out what had happened.

The little boy was reunited with his parents and soon returned to his slumbers while mum and dad ensured their front door was bolted – to keep any intruders out and their toddler in.