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Boy (17) held for sex attack on MS victim

A YOUTH accused of sexually assaulting a student after she asked for directions is to face Circuit Court trial, a judge has decided.

The teen is also accused of the false imprisonment of a 15-year-old boy during a knife robbery.

Judge Clare Leonard held that both cases were too serious to be dealt with in the Dublin Children's Court and held that they should be sent to the Circuit Court, which has wider sentencing powers.

In an outline of the allegations, Judge Leonard heard that during the first incident on March 21 last year, a student who suffers from multiple sclerosis got off a bus and asked a group of teenagers for directions. The accused allegedly walked with her but she became tired at a park in south Dublin and sat down.

It was alleged the youth, now aged 18, but who was aged 17 and a juvenile at the time, sat beside her and started to put his hand on her leg and tried to touch her.

She kept saying "No" to him and moved away but he continued touching her.


Judge Leonard heard that the teenager put one arm around her and lifted her jacket to gain access inside her trousers and sexually assaulted her.

"The accused ... was too strong for the injured party," State solicitor Joanne Gleeson told the court.

It was also alleged he took her handbag.

Judge Leonard heard that during another incident it was alleged the youth held a 15-year-old boy at knife point for nearly 20 minutes, at Seapoint Beach, in Blackrock, in south Dublin, on July 8 last year.

"He threatened to slit the injured party's throat and that he would slice him open," Garda Dermot Haugh alleged.

The court also heard that he also took the boy's phone and rang some of his friends, who had fled earlier.

"He said if your don't return to the scene he would cut their friend's throat," Garda Haugh said.

The defence submitted that he had anger management problems and had been associating with negative peers.

The accused was remanded in custody until April 4.