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Boy (17) faces heroin charge

A boy accused of possessing heroin has had his case adjourned after a judge said it may be too serious to be dealt with in the Children's Court.

The teenager (17) from north Dublin is accused of unlawful possession of €600 worth of heroin and €50 worth of cannabis, at his home address, on June 25 last year. The teenager has yet to enter a plea to the charge.

The DPP had directed that the case should be kept in the jurisdiction of the juvenile court. However, after hearing the street value of the drugs allegedly seized, Judge Clare Leonard said that if the case involved a boy with drugs worth "€600 or half that I do not consider it a minor matter fit to be tried summarily".

Flight lands in fuel leak peril

Pilots of a UK-bound flight with some 200 passengers on board managed to land safely after losing more than a ton of fuel from an engine leak, an air accident report revealed today.

Fuel lay on the runway at Gatwick Airport after the Thomas Cook Boeing 757 touched down following a flight from Bodrum in Turkey on June 12 2010, the Air Accidents Investigation Branch report said. The captain estimated that about 2,860lb (1,300kg) of fuel had leaked from the left engine -- an RB211 Rolls-Royce engine.

Navy laser targets pirates

A ship-based laser tested by the US Navy's research arm could put the heat on Somali pirates.

The navy has for the first time successfully tested a solid-state high-energy laser from a ship. The beam, which was aimed at a boat moving through turbulent Pacific Ocean waters, set the target's engine on fire.

The Office of Naval Research said the laser travelled over "miles, not yards".

Dad accused of raping child

The prosecution and defence cases have closed in the Central Criminal Court trial of a father accused of raping his young daughter.

The 43-year-old man, who can not be identified for legal reasons, has pleaded not guilty to the rape and sexual assault of his then eight-year-old daughter on a date in September 2007.

Mr Justice Paul Carney asked the jury of seven men and five women to return today when the trial continues.