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Boy (17) broke into two flats

A YOUTH, who burgled the homes of his mother's ex-partner and his new girlfriend, has been remanded on continuing bail pending sentence, at the Dublin Children's Court.

The court has heard that then 17-year-old stole two DVD players, 40 DVDs, a mobile phone and a set of hair straighteners, when he and an accomplice burgled two apartments, in Dublin, on March 7 last year. The teen, who is now 18, has pleaded guilty and all of the stolen goods were recovered intact.

Republicans in stripper fury

The US Republican National Committee spent $1,946 last month at a sex-themed Hollywood club that features topless dancers and bondage outfits.

RNC spokesman Doug Heye said the committee doesn't know the details of how the money was spent, all who may have attended or the nature of the outing, except to say it was inappropriate.

Nasa works on Toyota glitch

Nasa and the us National Academy of Sciences are joining the US government's effort to find out what caused the sudden acceleration problems that led to car giant Toyota's massive recalls.

The space agency scientists will help study potential electronic ties to unintended acceleration in Toyotas.