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Boy (15) held as neighbours 'will decapitate him' if he goes home

a 15-YEAR-OLD Dublin boy, who has been driven out of his locality because of his alleged criminal activities, has been held in custody following a two-day wait for place in a detention centre.

The teenage drug user's anti-social behaviour has led to threats being made that he would be shot or decapitated, the Dublin Children's Court was told.

Two previous attempts to have him remanded in custody for breaking his bail conditions failed due to the shortage of spaces in the Oberstown and Trinity House juvenile detention centres.

Yesterday Judge John O'Connor heard that a place had become available. Both mother and son, who stayed in a hotel on Wednesday night, smiled on hearing the news.


Defence solicitor Michelle Finan said the teenager consented to being sent into custody.

Judge O'Connor also told a solicitor for the Child and Family Agency that their proposal that the teen could stay in hostel accommodation was "not satisfactory for a 15-year-old".

"The evidence is that he is at risk, his family are at risk and if left to his own devices he is simply not going to comply with bail," the judge said. And he said the teen wanted to go to counselling.

The teen cannot go home as his family fear for his safety.

He has charges for criminal damage to a car and possessing a knife as well as a wooden pole as weapons during an incident at the home of extended family members in August.

He also faces another charge for possessing stolen property and cash on a date last month.

Garda Sheila Kenny has said more charges are expected to brought against the boy, who has allegedly said he planned to approach the injured parties.

The court has heard that his neighbours are fed up with him and have blamed him for crime spree in their locality.

His mother had said she now feared for his safety and his granny said she could not have him in her home any more.

The grandmother said that she has been told that the boy "was going to be shot" and "going to be decapitated" if he returned to the area.

The boy has claimed that he wants help for his problems.

The case resumes next week.