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Boy (10) 'attacked' by man after row during kick-about


Brandon Shallow, who was attacked while playing football in Drimnagh

Brandon Shallow, who was attacked while playing football in Drimnagh

Brandon Shallow, who was attacked while playing football in Drimnagh

Gardai are investigating an alleged assault on a 10-year-old boy which happened in a south Dublin park when the youngster was allegedly struck by a man during a football kick-about.

Medics feared that little Brandon Shallow almost suffered a fractured cheekbone in the incident that occurred in Drimnagh, south Dublin.

His mum Lindsay Kelly has insisted that the man who allegedly struck Brandon must face the full force of the law.

Lindsey contacted the Herald to say that her son "remains absolutely terrified" and is waiting to be spoken to by specialist garda child interviewers.

Brandon's dad Aaron Shallow - who allegedly suffered a black eye in a confrontation with the man after the incident - has already made a complaint to gardai based at Sundrive Road Station.

Gardai have confirmed that the alleged incident is under investigation.

Sources say that the alleged attacker is not known to gardai for any crimes.

The alleged incident unfolded when Brandon became involved in a minor scuffle during a football game in Drimnagh, on Saturday evening.

Brandon's mother Lindsey claims that the alleged attacker happened to be by the green at the time and witnessed the row.

She alleges that the middle-aged man punched Brandon as other children watched in horror.


Lindsey said she was at home nearby when another child banged on her door in a "hysterical state".

"All I could hear from that little girl was that Brandon had been knocked, I thought she meant that he had been knocked down by a car but she meant that he had been knocked out.

"I ran out of the house and I was so relieved to see that he was okay. He was standing but he was in a very dazed state and was holding his face where he had been punched."

She said another child told her Brandon had been punched by the man.

Lindsey claimed that she and her partner Aaron then confronted him and a number of punches were exchanged including some by her and Aaron as neighbours watched.

She also claimed that the man threatened them before gardai arrived at the scene and advised her to bring Brandon to hospital.

At Crumlin Children's Hospital, Brandon required three x-rays before it was determined that his cheek bone had not been broken.

He is expected to make a full recovery.