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Boxer Egan splits with girl who helped him beat booze

OLYMPIC boxer Kenny Egan has split with the girl he credited for helping him fight a battle with the booze.

Former girlfriend Sharon McHugh says she is no longer with the Beijing silver medalist, and today Egan's mother also confirmed the relationship is over.

"Kenneth Egan and I are no longer together and haven't been for some time now," Sharon said.

"What he chooses to do is entirely up to him and I wish him all the best," she added.

Egan's mum Maura said she did not know why the relationship had ended. "He's single now. I don't know what went wrong. He hasn't said anything to me so I don't know," she said.

But despite the split, Egan had vowed not to return to his old bad habits. "I'm training away and things are going great. I'm happy," he said.

Sharon was a tower of strength to Clondalkin man Kenny, helping him in his much publicised battle against drink. Egan has admitted to using the internet before to search for women for one-night stands.

In his autobiography, Kenny Egan: My Story, he wrote of his addiction to Facebook and how he used it to bed women.

"I was addicted to Facebook just like I was addicted to alcohol. We'd talk, I'd throw in some filth and ask straight out if they were up for sex or not," Egan wrote.

Egan has also admitted that his medal glory at Beijing in 2008 pushed his partying over the edge and it wasn't until his mother Maura brought him to the graves of his two brothers and begged him not to leave her burying a third child that he decided to get help.

A spokesman for Egan would not comment on the split, saying they were only involved in his boxing career and did not comment on his private life.

One friend of Sharon's said that the split came recently. "They split a few weeks ago after a few cracks started to appear," the pal said.