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Bouncy castle operator fined €6k for motorbike smash with garda car

A BOUNCY castle businessman who lost control of his motorbike and crashed headlong into two vehicles has claimed he was trying to avoid a patrol car which was moving to "block" him.

Christopher Marshall (25) caused over €3,000 worth of damage to the two cars after his motorbike became "wedged" between them.

He claimed the garda car moved across the road to block him and he veered and braked suddenly to avoid it and lost control of his bike.

A judge fined him €6,000, banned him from driving for four years and sentenced him to 18 months in prison, suspended for three years.

Marshall, of St Aongus Green, in Tallaght, had admitted before Tallaght District Court to driving without insurance or a driving licence at Castle Tymon Road, Tallaght, on June 19, last year. He also admitted dangerous driving.

Garda Sergeant Bernard Jones said gardai were on mobile patrol around 4.30pm near the National Basketball Arena when they saw Marshall on a motorbike.


Sgt Jones said the patrol car and a Nissan Micra car were stationary in a filter lane when suddenly the motorbike veered towards them.

The sergeant said Marshall put on his brakes but the motorbike veered over to the wrong side of the road into oncoming traffic.

Sgt Jones said Marshall then hit the rear of the Micra and the front wing of the garda car, wedging the bike between the two vehicles.

The damage was €3,100 and Marshall had that amount of compensation in court.

Marshall also admitted to driving without insurance or a driving licence on three other occasions between August and October last year.

The court heard the defendant has 75 previous convictions, including 15 convictions for driving without insurance.

Defence solicitor Grainne Malone said Marshall is a father of one and runs a successful bouncy castle business. He is not driving at present and has no intention of doing so.