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Earlier this week the Herald revealed how there was a significant group travelling to Crumlin from Derry and other Northern counties.

The Herald observed a number of close associates of Ryan -- including his brother Dermot who was arrested by gardai in a dawn raid in September -- at the ticket-only fundraiser

Also present were Ryan's very close pal, Derek Nolan, and John Stokes, father of Irish soccer star Anthony Stokes.

Nolan (29) is charged with threatening city publican Shane Simpson.

If convicted, he faces up to 14 years behind bars for being among a group of four men charged with threatening Mr Simpson at a city pub.

Mr Simpson was allegedly told by the group -- which includes fellow publican John Stokes -- to close down the Castle pub in Summerhill, North Inner city, "within 24 hours".

Additional charges have also been brought against Stokes for possessing two stun guns at the Players Lounge pub on April 8 and assaulting Shane Simpson some weeks earlier.

In Crumlin last night, the Submarine Bar was closed to members of the public as close to 100 people attended the fundraiser.

While gardai kept a close eye on Ryan's associates, many of those present were there solely to support his family.

Bouncers at the door of the bar carried out searches of all revellers who arrived throughout the night.

Male guests were heavily searched, while female guests had their handbags checked.

Two uniformed gardai stood yards from the entrance while two garda patrol cars and two unmarked patrol vehicles circled the area.

Officers made their presence known to Ryan's associates and at times were seen talking to some of those smoking outside.

A garda surveillance van was also spotted in the vicinity as the 100-strong crowd quickly entered the popular Dublin haunt.

Traditional Irish music blared from the venue as some members of the crowd arrived with bodhrans and drums at the sold-out event.

A mixture of ages were present at the Ryan fundraiser and guests' attire varied from mini dresses complete with skyscraper heels to hooded track suits worn by some of the men.

As revealed by the Herald, gardai were bracing themselves for the possibility of a strong dissident contingent travelling down from the North in order to attend the fundraiser.

The event was heavily advertised on Facebook by those close to Alan Ryan.

Tickets, on sale for €10, were available through arrangement only.

But the staging of the event was heavily criticised by prominent local Fine Gael councillor, Ruairi McGinley.

"I am not happy to see this event take place in our community and I hope the gardai keep a very close eye on it.


"I would be concerned that innocent people could get sucked into something that they don't understand."

Ryan was shot dead in broad daylight as he walked in Clongriffin, north Dublin on Monday, September 3.

He had built up an underworld reputation for extorting money from some of Ireland's most dangerous drugs gangs.