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Bottler's gang taunt family of murder victim Tighe with calls claiming they had him killed



Jamie Tighe’s body is removed from the murder scene

Jamie Tighe’s body is removed from the murder scene

Jamie Tighe’s body is removed from the murder scene

Gardai are investigating reports that Derek 'Bottler' Devoy's mob taunted relatives of the capital's latest gangland murder victim with claims that they ordered last weekend's hit.

A massive garda inquiry is continuing into the murder of Jamie Tighe (24), who was shot dead at Moatview Avenue, Coolock, at 2.25am last Saturday.

The Herald can reveal that gardai are investigating reports that Bottler's crew have made a number of phone calls to members of Tighe's distraught family.

"Bottler's crew are saying in the calls that they got the murder done but didn't actually carry out the shooting," a source said last night.

"They're basically saying they ordered it.


"Gardai are aware of these reports but have not received a complaint in relation to it and nor do they realistically expect to."

The development comes as sources say Bottler's crew are one of "at least half-a-dozen" crime groups being investigated over the murder, in which Tighe was shot in the back of the head after leaving a pub.

"Devoy's crew are being looked at but so are a number of others, including a local Traveller gang, a local drugs gang, as well as criminals with links to the Kinahan cartel and even Tighe's own associates," the source said.

"The victim was a reckless young man with multiple enemies in Dublin's gangland scene."

While gardai have not yet established which crime gang was responsible for the murder, sources said detectives are "very confident" that Tighe was "set up" by someone known to him.

It is suspected that Tighe's killers were supplied with precise information about his whereabouts in the early hours of Saturday, enabling them to target him at close range before fleeing.

"Gardai are aware of reports that one of Tighe's closest ass- ociates set him up. Whether this is true or not, there is no doubt that someone gave the killer very detailed information on the night," the source said.

"The victim had been out socialising and he was observed."


Gardai are also said to be aware of reports that a close male associate of the murdered man was involved in giving a pal of Tighe's a "severe beating" in the aftermath of the killing, after he was accused of being involved.

Again, officers have received no complaint about this alleged incident.

Tensions remain extremely high in north Dublin after the shooting.

Gardai received reports that a close associate of the victim had armed himself with a loaded Glock pistol on Saturday, as well as sourcing a number of cars to be used in revenge attacks.

This 25-year-old criminal has previous convictions for firearms offences and has close links to the north inner city gang, which was involved in a feud with the mob led by paedophile gangster Christy Griffin a decade ago.

Tighe was living at the Timber Apartments complex in Artane at the time of his killing, but he associated with criminals from the Coolock area, along with other Dublin crime groups.

He has previous convictions for assaulting gardai and for firearms offences and was before the courts last year in relation to a gun charge.

"Jamie was a mad fella - sure, he had very serious criminal convictions before he even turned 18. He always said he would never live past the age of 30 and so it has proved," a source said.

Tighe was standing on the road with a group of friends when he was approached by a man armed with a handgun and shot in the head.

Gardai have renewed their appeal for information about the vehicle used in the killing - a black Audi A3 with the registration number 00-OY-5067 - and its movements from 11pm on Friday to 4am on Saturday, when it was found burnt-out in Finglas.


In a separate development, a close pal of Tighe, who is a suspect in a number of gangland murders, is understood to have smashed up his cell in Cloverhill Prison yesterday after reports linked him to the killing.

He is expected to apply for permission to attend Tighe's funeral.

The Herald revealed last weekend that, before Tighe's murder, Derek Devoy's life was under increasing danger as he continued to issue seri- ous threats against his bitter rivals.

Specialist gardai were said to be closely monitoring the situation amid fears that there could be more slayings in the feud that led to the double murder of Devoy's innocent sister Antoinette Corbally (48) and locksmith Clinton Shannon (30) last August 16.

Tighe was in jail at the time, but some of his pals are suspects.