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Bottler's gang and relatives in firing line after Tighe's crew put up €5,000 bounty



Jamie Tighe’s body is removed from the scene of his murder in Coolock

Jamie Tighe’s body is removed from the scene of his murder in Coolock

Jamie Tighe’s body is removed from the scene of his murder in Coolock

Gangland associates of gun murder victim Jamie Tighe are offering €5,000 to other criminals to shoot anyone connected with Derek 'Bottler' Devoy.

The hit list even includes innocent relatives.

"Anyone who is seen as acting on Bottler's behalf is considered a legitimate target now. Even if you're seen with him, you could become a target," a source said.

"In particular, anyone driving him around is due to be in serious bother.


"Bottler has been seen getting driven around the north inner city in a blue car and his enemies are aware of his movements.

"Five grand may not seem like a lot of cash to shoot someone, but there are a number of volatile young men who are more than happy to take up this hit."

Bottler's innocent pal Clinton Shannon had previously acted as a driver for the career criminal, but he was shot dead in a machine gun attack along with Devoy's sister, Antoinette Corbally, in a botched hit in August.

"The level of hatred and level of threats that are floating around is just unreal," a senior source said last night.

It is understood that Tighe's associates have gathered pipe bombs as well as stolen cars and firearms to be used in a planned attack.

Tensions remain high in north Dublin after Tighe's murder, with gardai receiving reports that a close associate of the victim managed to get hold of a loaded Glock pistol on Saturday as well as a number of cars to be used in revenge attacks.

The 25-year-old criminal has previous convictions for firearms offences and has close links to the north inner city gang who were involved in a bitter feud with the mob led by paedophile gangster Christy Griffin a decade ago.

Earlier this week, the Herald revealed that gardai were investigating reports that Bottler's gang had been taunting members of Tighe's family, claiming they ordered last weekend's murder.

Bottler's crew have made a number of phone calls to distraught relatives of Tighe, claiming they ordered the shooting, even though gardai are far from certain if the Ballymun gang had any involvement in the hit.

A massive garda investigation is continuing into the murder of Tighe (24), who was gunned down in Moatview Avenue, Coolock, at 2.25am last Saturday.

Around half-a-dozen separate crime groupings are being investigated for the country's latest gangland gun murder.

Tighe was standing on the road with a group of friends when he was approached by a man armed with a handgun and shot in the back of the head.

Gardai have renewed their appeal for information about the vehicle used in the killing, a black Audi A3 with the registration number 00 OY 5067, and its movements from 11pm on Friday to 4am on Saturday when it was found partially burnt-out in Finglas.

Tighe was living at the Timber Mills apartments complex in Artane at the time of his killing but associated with criminals from the Coolock area as well as other Dublin crime groups.

He had previous convictions for assaulting gardai and for firearms offences, and was before the courts last year in relation to a firearms charge.


Tighe was a suspect in relation to a string of shootings in the Coolock area and had also been in dispute with a dangerous Coolock Traveller gang as well as a rival local drug-dealing outfit.

The career criminal was in Mountjoy Prison serving a short sentence when Bottler's pal and sister were shot in Ballymun in August.

Bottler, who is considered one of the country's most volatile criminals, is said to be still "completely enraged" about the double murder.

Devoy spent eight years in prison, where he served sentences for the attempted armed robbery of a post office in Balbriggan, north Dublin, and for a non-fatal drive-by shooting at two of his neighbours in Ballymun in 2005.