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Botched feud hit victim fled to garda station as rivals branded him a rat


Craig Carroll survived a shooting incident last October

Craig Carroll survived a shooting incident last October

Craig Carroll survived a shooting incident last October

A threatened man who previously survived a botched gun murder bid was forced to flee to the sanctuary of a garda station when his gangland rivals attempted to target him on the street.

Craig Carroll (31) and a 27-year-old friend of his - who is a suspect in a gruesome gang murder - ran into Ronanstown Garda Station when their rivals spotted them walking on the street at night in the St Ronan's Avenue area of west Dublin.

Carroll and his dangerous pal were subjected to threats to their lives, as well as being branded "rats" for running into the garda station, in an incident that their pursuers recorded on their mobile phones.


The footage was then posted online in an attempt to humiliate Carroll and his pal.

His rivals can be clearly heard screaming at the two criminals in an extremely aggressive way until they entered the garda station, with their car even being taken to the station.

The Herald has established that the bizarre and disturbing incident unfolded at 8.30pm on Thursday of last week and later led to a black 4x4 vehicle used by one of the aggressors being seized by gardai.

Neither Carroll nor his friend have made a formal statement to gardai, who are continuing to monitor an extremely tense situation in the locality as the gangland feud threatens to spiral out of control.

Gardai said that they were "unaware" of local reports which allege that the aggressors were armed with handguns.

The Herald has revealed that officers are investigating whether a reckless gun attack on Sunday night, in which an innocent delivery driver was almost murdered, is linked to the gang warfare.

The shocking incident happened at Greenfort Avenue, Clondalkin, at 8.40pm on Sunday, when the gang blocked the delivery driver's car and fired through the windscreen and door directly at him.

One bullet deflected off the dashboard, missing his head. The second bullet lodged in his car seat.

"Whoever they were targeting they wanted to kill. I don't know how I'm still alive," the terrified man told the Herald.

"I just keep thinking, the road was dark and quiet. If they had shot me I would have bled out there on my own with no one to save me."

Meanwhile, Carroll and his younger pal were understood to be in hiding last night, with major fears that the gang dispute was getting out of all control.

In the most serious incident so far in the bitter dispute, Carroll was shot once in the stomach with a handgun in Chaplin's Terrace, Clondalkin, in a late-night attack in October.

It is understood that the bitter dispute between Carroll and his Neilstown enemies began more than three years ago, when Carroll's associates were blamed for a botched machine gun attack against a notorious local drug dealer outside Finches pub in Clondalkin.


In the aftermath of the attempted murder of Carroll, gardai carried out a number of special operations in an attempt to keep a lid on the warfare.

Carroll's most serious conviction is an 11-month jail sentence he received in May last year after he and two other criminals were caught with a baseball bat, meat cleavers and balaclavas at Royal Oaks, Broadford, Co Kildare, on April 21, 2016.

While in jail, Carroll, of Old Tower Crescent, Clondalkin, was caught with an illegal mobile phone behind bars and was sentenced to a month in jail for this offence in February.

The younger man who ran into Ronanstown Garda Station with Carroll is suspected of being at the centre of the murder of Christy Daly (47), who had five teeth knocked out before being fatally shot nine times in December 2013.