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Boss who fell at work treated by Keano's osteopath

A company boss was treated by ex-footballer Roy Keane's osteopath after a slip and fall at work, a court heard.

Financial controller Ruth Hallinan (48) of Grange Manor Drive, Rathfarnham, Dublin, travelled to Cheadle in Cheshire on several occasions for treatment by Philip Owen who had looked after Keane, below, when he was with Manchester United.

Ms Hallinan fell on concrete that had been covered in glue, ready for the laying of a carpet at Irish Petroleum Company at their offices at Warrington House, Dublin, where she worked. She was awarded ¤27,000, plus €4,344 special damages in-cluding travel to Manchester for treatments at Mr Owen's clinic. The Circuit Civil Court heard she was still suffering pain nearly ten years after the 2002 accident.

She alleged negligence and breach of duty on the part of Irish Petroleum Company Ltd and McCoy Carpet Contracts Ltd because the glued area was not adequately cordoned off.

Mr Owen met Ms Hallinan by chance when she was on holidays and she had explained that she had sustained an injury to her right elbow and forearm.

He had treated her for what he described as a compression strain on several occasions and said she had responded well.