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'Boozed up Bowsies who don't know if they're British or Irish -- Cork rant about Dubs fans

A POPULAR CORK website has launched a withering attack on the Dublin team and fans ahead of the All-Ireland football semi-final in Croke Park this Sunday.

The article titled Cork v Dublin: Hell on the Hill proclaims that "Dubliners have brought Gaelic Games to a new low".

The article, posted on peoplesrepublicofcork.com, is scathing in its assessment of the Dublin footballers and their supporters.

And it compares the navy and blue faithful to thuggish English soccer hooligans of the 1990s.

It also accuses Dublin fans of showing no respect to inter-county rivals at Croke Park games.

"The civility that might exist between fans of other counties at games is given a goldy-sovereign'd two fingers once the royal blue jerseys turn up," the piece claims.


Joe Nugent, honorary secretary of the Dublin GAA Supporters' Club, was dismissive of the piece when he was contacted about it.

"I would rather ignore the piece as it says more about the person who wrote the article than about the subject of the piece.

"The best place to do the talking is on the pitch," Joe reckoned.

However, the rant against the Blues pulls no punches and hits out at Dublin supporters with stereotypes;

"Boozed up bowsies from Ballymun and drunk Decco's from Drumcondra will converge on the Hill with a limited knowledge of the game, adding extra syllables to every word uttered to give their brains more time to articulate their irrational thoughts".

Supporters of the article which is sure to amuse some Cork fans would point out that it does again raise the interesting point that Dublin rarely plays away matches in the Championship and says that it's a huge advantage to the Blues.

However, rather than call for this to be changed, the article praises this policy and how it serves the national interest: "The GAA must be commended on their isolationist policy as Ireland beyond the pale is far safer with this tradition being upheld: keep the Dubs in Dublin!"


The national identity of Dublin supporters is called into question as they are dubbed confused because, "despite the passport they don't know whether they are British or Irish", due to their soccer thug behaviour.

Dublin's past successes are also diminished as the article dismisses that the great Dublin and Kerry rivalries of the 1970s as brief and claims Kerry "didn't give a toss".

The article suggests finally that if Dublin fails to win on Sunday, the only viable solution is to split up the county into separate counties and give them to their neighbours.

Wicklow, Louth, Meath, Kildare and even the west coast of Wales are suggested as destinations for the fractured pieces of the former county.