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Boots to open five new stores Bike teacher drunk at lesson Jailbird's life of luxury in cell

High street chemist Boots has announced plans to create more than 150 jobs with the opening of five new stores.

The company, which currently employs 1,800 people nationwide in 55 shops, said the extra retail and pharmacy roles would be filled ahead of the launches later this year. The store locations have yet to be announced.

Boots Ireland director Rhys Iley said: "We have confidence in the future of retailing in Ireland."

Bike teacher

drunk at lesson

An instructor at a motorcycle school has been convicted of drink-driving for being over the limit while giving a lesson.

Sandra Kenyon (46) fell off her bike three times as she gave a lesson in Bradford, England.

A court in Bingley was told she had 131 mcgs of alcohol in 100mls of breath - almost four times the limit.

Police found two bottles of brandy -- one empty -- in her jacket.

Jailbird's life of luxury in cell

A Bolivian prison governor has been fired for letting a former dictator, who was convicted over the deaths of his opponents, turn his cell into a luxury apartment.

Former General Luis Garcia Meza (81) had installed a sauna, gym, ping pong table, dining room and barbecue grill in his quarters at the Chonchocoro prison.