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Boot camp kicks Kathryn into shape as she loses 10lbs

RTE presenter Kathryn Thomas revealed that her boyfriend Padraig immediately noticed how different she looked when she returned from a strict boot camp in Spain this summer.

Kathryn (35) said she "felt amazing" after the holiday with a difference.

"My skin was bright and clear," she said. "My boyfriend Padraig picked me up at the airport in Dublin and immediately noticed the difference.

"My shorts were loose on me and I was pleased with the work I did on defining my arms - they are my favourite feature.

"I was glad it worked and I had a great sense of achievement," she added.

"I wanted something that would really make me push myself."

The Operation Transformation presenter lost an incredible 10lb following the week of army-style training that left her "like an 'aul wan' getting out of bed".

The Carlow host put herself through a punishing week-long regime of two-hour hikes up mountains, intense circuit training before breakfast and portions of food that left her so hungry she scaled an orange tree for a snack - and she paid €1,000 for the privilege.


"I was very hungry," she admitted.

"There are two orange trees in the grounds of the monastery and I was scaling up one of them like a crazy person.

"I doubt I was the first one to do that."

Now Kathryn believes that the boot camp will help her cut out alcohol and other junk from her life.

"I learnt a significant amount about nutrition and discipline and I've now cut out, or cut down on, caffeine, alcohol and dairy," she said.

"It was very intense, and it wouldn't be for everyone, but I loved it."