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Boom to nama: The man beneath the hat

GERRY Gannon led one of Ireland's largest development companies through the boom years.

Mr Gannon was just one of the heavyweight investors on basketcase Anglo's books whose loans have now been taken over by NAMA.

The mogul with a penchant for Trilby hats was a regular on the glitzy scene of Palma in Majorca, where he was often spotted on his €2.2m yacht when he wasn't at his sprawling Howth home.

Gannon was named as a member of the so-called Golden Circle who borrowed from Anglo to buy shares in the bank.

A key marker in Gannon's portfolio was the £12m acquisition of The Casino in Malahide village in 1999.

Before this purchase, the so-called 'man in the hat' managed to remain under the radar, but this massive investment for the time propelled him into the spotlight.