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Book by Trinity pal says David fell in love with his former pupil

DAVID Norris enjoyed a six-month relationship with one of his former pupils, a book on the senator reveals.

The Cities Of David also claims the presidential hopeful began drinking heavily after being left heartbroken by his former partner, Ezra Nawi. The book, written by a former Trinity College colleague of Senator Norris in 1995, says he was warned by the IRA that his life was under threat.

Author Victoria Freedman details the presidential hopeful's six-month relationship with a US student.

Mr Norris (67) was "on the rebound" from Mr Nawi when he "fell hook, line and sinker" for the 20-year-old man.

Ms Freedman wrote: "David was teaching a twice-weekly course outside Trinity to help out a friend. One of his students was brilliant -- a tall, blond, all-American, square-jawed, young and obviously taken with David".

Mr Norris admitted the relationship to Ms Freedman during the course of his biography being written. Ms Freedman explained: "Their sexual relationship lasted six months, until his lover returned to America and became engaged."

The turbulent relationship Mr Norris shared with his former partner Ezra Nawi is detailed extensively.

And it was revealed that after one of his break-ups with Mr Nawi, the senator took to a bottle of whiskey as he was "in despair".

The biography also details how Mr Norris faced down the IRA after receiving a crude death threat. On returning to his office, he discovered his secretary in tears over a letter which warned that the senator would be executed if he did not flee Ireland.

Norris stormed over to the Sinn Fein office and told a well-known republican: "Would you mind not sending me and more of this material because my secretary finds it deeply disturbing. If you must execute me, why don't you telephone and make an appointment? I'm just around the corner in North Great George's Street."

Senator David Norris's spokesman refused to comment today.