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Bono on the mend as U2 set to end world tour with Dublin gigs




U2 have announced a new world tour

U2 have announced a new world tour

Bono was injured in a bike accident two weeks ago

Bono was injured in a bike accident two weeks ago



THEY'VE yet to set the date, but U2 look likely to end their world tour in Dublin next year.

The band announced details of their new Innocence and Experience World Tour which will play 19 venues across Europe, America and Canada and starts next May.

However, in their statement, U2 haven't listed any Irish venues just yet.

But they vowed they will be coming home towards the end of next year.

A statement released yesterday said that "special shows are being planned for Dublin for the end of next year - to benefit the U2-initiated Music Generation project".

This Music Generation helps children and young people to access music education in their own locality.

The band reassured fans that details of the dates would be announced as soon as they had been finalised.

It is likely that they will end their tour in Dublin after playing two concerts in Paris on November 10 and 11.

As the band are playing indoor arenas on this tour, it is thought that the band will play the 3Arena. Their last tour - U2 360 in 2009-2011 - was the biggest tour in history with 110 shows that made US $736.4m.

Their upcoming world tour hasn't been affected by Bono's recent bike accident in New York after which he had to undergo five hours of surgery and doctors had to insert three metal plates and 18 screws to repair fractures to both his face and arm.

Rolling Stone is reporting that the Edge compared Bono's physical condition to the results of a "car crash" on radio station KROQ.

"He actually showed us an X-Ray a couple of days later, and it looked like a miniature of the Eiffel Tower was in his elbow," the Edge said.

"And then the same had to happen with a fracture of his pinky; the joint there was totally messed up, so that needed a bone graft.

"And the most vulnerable was actually his upper back, the scapula, because they couldn't put any plates in there or they decided not to do surgery."

The Edge said Bono (54) "basically can't move for the next couple of months" to heal properly.

"We're kind of lucky he was wearing a helmet so he didn't actually break Central Park," he said.

"But he's made of tough stuff, and he's bouncing back."