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Bono lectures US on finances

Bono has praised Americans for re-electing President Barack Obama but reminded them of the dire consequences that lie ahead because of the economy.

"Congratulations are in order not just for turning out in record numbers -- but for electing an extraordinary man as president," the U2 frontman said of Mr Obama.

He touched on the relationship between politics and extreme poverty in his keynote speech during the Global Social Enterprise Initiative at Georgetown University.

And he warned that economic decisions being debated in America could have devastating consequences for the extreme poor.

He said fiscal decisions should not cost lives lost through lack of medical treatment or other aid.


second to pets

Shoppers are more likely to buy gifts for their pets than they are for their grandparents this Christmas.

One in three consumers said they were planning to buy treats, toys and accessories for their pets, according to a report by SAS and Verdict in the UK.

The report found that 15.8pc of 10,000 shoppers surveyed said they were buying presents for their pets, compared with the 14.3pc buying for grandparents.

Titanic gems

go on display

Most of the jewellery recovered from the wreckage of the Titanic will be exhibited on a three-city tour of the US, its first public display since being salvaged from the ocean depths.

The jewellery is from a single purser's bag found during a 1987 research and recovery mission.

The collection includes diamond and sapphire rings, brooches, necklaces, cuff links and a gold pocket watch.

Toyota tries

'talking' cars

Toyota is testing safety systems using cars that communicate with each other and with the roads they are on.

The cars get information, such as pedestrians crossing the street or cars advancing from blind spots, from sensors and transmitters installed on streets.