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Bomb scare man 'bugged by wife'

A MAN who ran screaming from his car in Swords, thinking there was a bomb underneath it is believed to have been bugged by his wife.

The man, who is understood to be a Nigerian national, ran into Swords Garda Station in north Dublin to report a suspect object underneath his car.

The station and surrounding vehicles were evacuated while the army bomb squad made their way to the scene.

After the device was examined it was found not to have any explosive content but is instead believed to have been a tracking device.

The man now believes that the device was placed on his vehicle by a private detective hired by his wife who thought he might be having an affair.


The Defence Forces carried out a controlled explosion on the device following the incident. last Thursday afternoon.

"We suspect someone was trying to monitor his movements.

"It caused widespread disruption, but in the end it turned out to be harmless," a source said.

This is not the first time that gardai have been coming across hi-tech tracking devices which have been used in the capital.

Hitmen used a military-specification tracking device to locate two innocent men shot dead at a Tesco filling station last November.

The hi-tech device was discovered by officers from the Garda Technical Bureau fixed to the underside of the Toyota Avensis car driven by cousins Glen Murphy (19) and Mark Noonan (23) on the night they were murdered.

The pair were shot dead in the forecourt of a Tesco filling station at Clearwater, Finglas, on November 23 last.

It is believed they were murdered in a case of mistaken identity.

Detectives who examined the men's car after the shooting found a tracking device concealed in the rear of the vehicle.


They believe it had been planted there on behalf of a major Dublin criminal, who had ordered a hit.

However, gardai are examining the possibility that the wrong car was selected for the device and that the cousins were innocent victims.

A man who is suspected of being the actual target of the attack has fled the country in fear. Gardai now suspect that gangsters are using tracker devices to keep tabs on potential targets and suspect associates.