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Bomb scare in airport luggage

A US baggage handler discovered a ruptured, smoking suitcase while unloading luggage from an international flight, drawing fire crews and bomb specialists to examine the bag.

Officials later said it posed no threat.

The baggage handler reported hearing a "pop" and seeing vapour coming from inside the bag as luggage was taken off KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Flight 661, which had arrived at George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston from Amsterdam, an airport spokeswoman said.

Police raid at movie shoot

A film-maker is taking the blame after New York police officers were summoned to what they thought was an armed robbery, but turned out to be a location shoot for his upcoming movie.

The confrontation ended peacefully when officers ordered an actor playing a gunman to drop his weapon.

Fred Carpenter said: "I was supposed to tell the local police precinct what we were doing." Carpenter was filming inside a convenience store in Bellmore, on Long Island, east of New York City.