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Bomb chaos hits Athens Sarkozy's party faces wipeout Polygamist gets 75 years Library book 45 years late

Police in Greece say a bomb exploded outside the home of a Pakistani immigrant community leader, causing damage but no injuries.

The blast occurred early this morning and followed warning telephone calls to a newspaper and private television station. No group claimed responsibility for the attack in the capital's Kato Patissia area.

Other details were not immediately available.

Sarkozy's party faces wipeout

President Nicolas Sarkozy's party braced for a potential electoral wipeout in tomorrow's final round of regional elections, which an alliance of the rival left hopes will give it a national sweep and a staging ground for 2012 presidential voting.

Even damage control was difficult for the conser-vatives.

Sarkozy's UMP party, or Union for a Popular Majority, has ended up pleading with voters to go to the polls, hoping supporters simply failed to cast ballots in the first round -- the case for more than one in two French.

Polygamist gets 75 years

The latest member of a polygamist group whose sprawling West Texas ranch was raided in 2008 was starting a 75-year prison sentence today for sexual assault of a child.

Merril Leroy Jessop (35) was sentenced yesterday. Jurors also found he violated Texas laws prohibiting bigamy. Jessop is the fourth member of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to be tried since authorities raided and seized documents from the Yearning For Zion ranch.

Library book 45 years late

A book has been returned to a library 45 years overdue.

Stunned librarians in Dinnington, South Yorkshire, could not believe it when they received a package containing a Penguin first edition copy of Quatermass And The Pit, by Nigel Kneale, which was borrowed in September 1965.

There was no clue as to who sent the parcel, but the long-term borrower need not have worried about the fine as Rotherham Council has a policy of limiting all penalties to €6.60 a book.