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Body politic - Bruton 'breaks the internet'


Richard Bruton after taking a dip

Richard Bruton after taking a dip

Richard Bruton after taking a dip

Richard Bruton says he's glad people have seen the "human" side of him as a politician after he posed for a staycation video showing off his fit physique.

The Dublin TD 'broke the internet' on social media thanks to a shot of him topless before he went for a dip in the sea in Clontarf, north Dublin.

Though Mr Bruton was surprised by how much attention the promotional tourism clip, encouraging people to holiday at home, received, he's pleasantly surprised the public get to see the man behind the politician.

"I spent 10 years in earnest policy-making and the day I take off to talk about the great places to visit on our doorstep, is when I get all the attention," Mr Bruton told the Herald.

"I am surprised at how it's taken off. I'll have to lie low for a while."

He wants to encourage people of all ages to get out and about and stay fit by walking, swimming and cycling.

The former communications minister (67), who's in tip-top condition, said his phone had been "buzzing" since the video clip went live on social media.

He's been pleasantly surprised by the many positive comments, including from Mrs Brown's Boys star Rory Cowan, who tweeted Mr Bruton is the "Mick Jagger of politics".

"I saw some of the comments," Mr Bruton said.

"It's been a surprise. After 10 years as a minister you're only seen in the job constantly dealing with serious issues, so it's nice the personality can seep out as well - it's an advantage.

"It's a bit of fun but there's also a serious message to get out there. There are great things to do on the doorstep and we should all make the most of them."


Mr Bruton said no matter how busy he was with politics he always set out a "diary" of exercise along with his day job.

"I am definitely a believer in fitness - it's good for general mental outlook, as well as fitness, so I am always building fitness into my diary," he said.

"I am very lucky to have facilities on my doorstep."

The former minister recommended people who want to get fit "be consistent".

"Carve out time to exercise. If you're new to getting fit, start with two times a week and all the health experts say you need to ease yourself into it," he said.


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