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Body-parts video murder suspect 'in France'

A CANADIAN porn actor suspected of mailing body parts to the headquarters of two major political parties after making a video of a killing might have fled to France, police have said.

A Montreal police official said they have information that Luka Rocco Magnotta might have left Canada for France.

Montreal Police chief Ian Lafreniere earlier said authorities believe Magnotta fled North America based on evidence they found at his apartment, and based on a blog Magnotta once wrote about how to disappear.

Magnotta (29) has been added to Interpol's "wanted persons" list.

"We believe he may be in a foreign country," Mr Lafreniere said. "He left a letter on a website mentioning how to disappear for good, and secondly, our investigation brought us some details that might let us think that he could be away from the country."

Police have been trying to take down an online video that they believe shows Magnotta murdering a man he dated.

The video shows a man stabbing another man with an ice pick while the victim lies naked and tied up. He also dismembers the corpse and performs sexual acts with it.

Mr Lafreniere said they were able to take down the video on Wednesday but that it keeps reappearing online.


"It's horrible. I can't believe people take advantage of watching this," he said.

Police believe the victim is a man reported missing several days ago and that the man's family lives overseas. Mr Lafreniere said police were having trouble contacting the family.

The case began when police found a man's torso in a suitcase behind Magnotta's apartment building and a severed foot was found in a package mailed to the Conservative Party headquarters in Ottawa. A hand was found in a separate package at a postal facility, addressed to the Liberal Party of Canada.

Other body parts remain missing, and Mr Lafreniere said police are investigating the possibility that they also may have been put in the post.

Criminal profiler Pat Brown said the suspect clearly loves attention. He said: "He's not political -- psychopaths rarely are -- so he didn't send those parts for political reasons but to get a splash in the media. He wants to go in history as being the creepiest guy out there."

Police said Magnotta is also known by the names Eric Clinton Newman and Vladimir Romanov. They described him as white and 5ft 8in with blue eyes and black hair. A police official said he was a porn actor.