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Body parts found in truck

three people have been identified from six heads and numerous other human body parts found in a truck at a US medical waste centre, including at least one man who was to have been cremated.

Sealed plastic bags containing the parts were found last week in 12 large red plastic tubs inside a delivery truck at a Stericycle building in Kansas City that disposes of medical waste.

Stericycle dealt with waste such as operating theatre debris or syringes but did not incinerate major body parts, Wyandotte County coroner Alan Hancock said.

Each tub had a shipping label from The Learning Centre, which is affiliated with Bio Care, an Albuquerque, New Mexico, company that distributes bodies for medical research.

Mr Hancock said: "They're not supposed to be sending bodies here. They're supposed to be cremating them, putting them in urns and giving them to the family."

Mr Hancock said Stericycle staff first became concerned a few weeks ago when they found a head in their incineration building. He has identified two men and one woman so far.