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Body of OAP was unidentified in UK since last August

The widow of Thomas Kennedy, whose remains were found off the UK coast, said she has no idea what happened him.

The grandfather went missing from his Finglas home last July. He was discovered in the sea off Blackpool less than three weeks later. However, his remains were only positively identified this week.

His widow, Patricia Kennedy, said she does not know what happened to her late husband.

The 81-year-old went to put out the bins at his home in Virginia Park on July 29 last year at around 9pm and had not been seen since.

Police in Blackpool confirmed that his body was spotted in the sea on August 17 last, but it has taken until now to positively identify his remains.

"This is the moment we had all been dreading," Mrs Kennedy told the Daily Mail.

"In my heart of hearts, I never really expected to find him alive again but I held onto hope," she said.

"To this day I have absolutely no idea what might have happened to him. I really haven't got a clue," Mrs Kennedy said.

"Although there were posters put up in Manchester when he went missing, because he had family and friends there, I never believed he travelled there. He had no money or means of getting it.

"All the man had when he left this house was his travel pass. He had no medical card, no credit cards and if he had had any money, it would have been loose change," she said.

His family in Dublin were informed of the confirmation that the body was that of Mr Kennedy on Wednesday.

"A body was spotted in the sea near the Glitter Ball landmark, in South Shore, on August 17 last year - around three weeks after he was reported missing," a police source confirmed.

"After being alerted by a member of the public, police recovered the body but have only now been able to formally identify him," they added.

Mrs Kennedy said her husband was a fit man who would walk around FInglas.

"He was 81 and couldn't drive. His brother Tony and his sister Kathleen died in the one year. I think he took not driving badly, although he said he didn't.

"If you've been driving for years and you're told you can't, you'd be disappointed," she said.

Yesterday the family posted a message on the Missing Person Thomas Kennedy Facebook page to say that his body had been recovered. The death is not being treated as suspicious.