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Body of mum pregnant with twins found

GARDAI searching for a heavily pregnant mum-of-two today found her body. Anna Byrne (35) – who was nearly full term with twins – was reported missing when she failed to collect her toddler from a creche yesterday.

Today the body of the mum of two young sons was discovered on rocks at Howth.

Earlier, gardai had traced her telephone to Dun Laoghaire only hours before the body was found near the Bailey lighthouse.

Anna’s car was discovered at the Summit car park at midnight last night.

The tragic mum’s body was discovered by the Garda helicopter at first light this morning. A number of efforts were made to lower a winchman to get her body onboard, but it was deemed too dangerous and efforts to retrieve her body in other ways continued up to 10am.

Then four members of the coast guard crew managed to scale down a cliff face and bring to body onboard a small rescue boat.

It then made its way to the coast guard station at Howth Pier from where it was taken to the County Morgue at Blanchardstown.

Anna was 38-weeks pregnant and disappeared from her home in Beechdale, Dunboyne, Co Meath, yesterday morning. She was a nurse and was originally from Sutton in Dublin.

Her family were immediately concerned for her welfare as she was uncontactable, prompting them to alert gardai shortly after she vanished.

Her phone was tracked to the Dun Laoghaire area, from where her distraught brother, Ciaran Deeney, organised a late-night search party at around 11.30pm.

But just after midnight Anna’s 99D blue Nissan Micra was found at Howth Head.

Her body was then found on rocks on the Howth side of the Bailey Lighthouse less than 100ft from the water.

She was mum to two boys aged four and six.

Her devastated husband Terry was on the scene around midnight after her car was located and is understood to have been taken away for medical treatment. Dublin Coastguard and Howth lifeboat were involved in a search of the area, and this morning the news came through that a body had been found.

Speaking last night, Ciaran Deeney had said Anna “is highly hormonal” due to her pregnancy.

They had searched the Dun Laoghaire area in the belief that she may have boarded a ferry, but there were no passenger sailings from Dun Laoghaire yesterday.

Volunteers vowed to scour the area for any signs of her mobile or handbag or other clues as to her whereabouts.

Ciaran said that it was very uncharacteristic of Anna to simply vanish.

He appealed for anyone who may have seen her to contact gardai immediately.