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Body in bag man killed by single shot to the head

GARDAI have appealed for the parents of children who may have seen a murdered man's body in a Dublin suburb to come forward.

The body of Alan Desmond (37) was found by two children playing in a wooded area next to the Hazelgrove Estate, Tallaght shortly after 6pm on Saturday.

Superintendent Peter Duff yesterday urged any parents whose children might have seen the body, which was wrapped in a bin bag, to contact the gardai.

Garda press officer Supt Dave Taylor described the place where his body was found as "a desolate, waste area of common ground".

It is used by local children, by members of the Travelling community and for grazing animals.

Gardai confirmed that Desmond died from a single gunshot wound to the head.

Last night, senior sources said that the focus of the murder investigation was identifying the gang for whom Desmond was holding drugs and ammunition.

Gardai searched Desmond's house nearly three weeks ago and found three rifles, a handgun and two sawn-off shotguns, all loaded. He was not in the house at the time.

Gardai believe Desmond had been ordered to mind the haul by senior criminal figures.

Supt Taylor said the guns seizure was one area being explored by gardai.

"We are appealing for anyone who may have seen, spoke or engaged with Alan between the last time he was seen on Monday April 29 until the day his body was found on Saturday to contact us," he said.

The garda appeal for parents to come forward came after the father of one of the boys who found the body said: "They were playing up on the hill and they just came across it.



"He told me two weeks ago that he saw a bag in the same place with a hand sticking out, but we thought it was a mannequin," said the father.

The boys went to fetch a football which had landed next to some bushes when they noticed feet and a hand protruding from a black bin bag.

Gardai think the body could have been in the area for more than 10 days.

They believe the murdered man was shot where he was found.