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BOD's love written on screen

Irish rugby captain Brian O’Driscoll fell head over heels for Amy Huberman and knew he’d marry her three months after her appearance on Tubridy Tonight in 2006.

He fell for Huberman’s girl-next-door charms when she appeared on the show to discuss The Clinic alongside co-star Leigh Arnold in 2006.

Little did she know that Ireland rugby captain O’Driscoll, who was fresh out of a relationship with model Glenda Gilson, was watching with interest at home.

The number 13 admitted that he didn't follow the medical drama which shot Huberman to fame.

But his attention was piqued when he saw the pretty blonde on the RTE show.

“I hadn't seen her around before,” O’Driscoll said.

And he thought, “Phew – she's fit”, and that the actress “seemed pretty nice as well”.

Wearing a purple T-shirt under a black pinafore dress with tights, the actress looked fresh, natural and at ease with the interview.

Huberman’s make-up was neutral and her hair was casually pulled back from her face.

O'Driscoll fell for the girl-next-door look and joked that he “technically stalked” Huberman to fix a date.

The Ireland captain “arranged to meet her through mutual friends” and set it up so that he was in a bar at the same time as her.

The pair instantly hit it off and O'Driscoll was over the moon when Huberman (32) agreed to meet again.

“I arranged to happen to be in the same bar as her one night,” he said. “We went to this comedy thing together and it went from there.

“She knew when I told her about three months into it, when late one night I told her that I was going to marry her,” he added.

Speaking about the appearance yesterday, Huberman said “Oh God, no he didn’t stalk me really, it was all legal.

“I can’t remember what I was wearing on the show but I’m sure it was just a little dress or something.”