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BOD hoping to bow out in style in a late-night party with pals

HE partied in his tuxedo until 5am after that famous victory in 2000, and Brian O'Driscoll is looking for a repeat performance today.

A huge challenge lies ahead as Joe Schmidt's side take on France in the final clash of the 2014 Six Nations, but there is nothing like a party in Paris after a smashing victory and O'Driscoll is eager to bow out in fitting fashion.

For O'Driscoll, the afternoon is as much about personal significance as it is professional.

Retired rugby player Rob Henderson (pictured inset with Brian) played inside centre to the Leinster star in Paris when he formally introduced himself with a hat-trick of ties.

The epic encounter was fairytale stuff and fans will be praying for a repeat this evening at Stade de France.


The post-match festivities were momentous for the heroic Irish players that day, and Henderson knows what it will mean for his former international team-mate to have another huge celebration.

"We went out and enjoyed ourselves to the full that night in 2000," he said.

"I came back to the hotel at 3am in my tuxedo, spotted young Brian sleeping on the couch and thought, 'We cant leave him here'. So we picked him up and went back out in the city and eventually stumbled back in at 5am.

"The team warmdown the next day was by the Eiffel Tower. I think that it was one of the only times there were guys running around in black ties. It was actually allowed because of the win and how huge it was."

Henderson also told how it was appropriate that France would be Brian's final game for his country.

He said: "He's finishing up where it all began, really, where he hit the headlines and grasped the attention of both hemispheres at the same time."