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Blues heaven for Lucas (9) after Chelsea tsar Roman answers his plea for tickets

A DUBLIN schoolboy could not believe his luck when his letter to Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich was answered with free tickets for a Premier League game.

Nine-year-old Lucas Bibby was shattered when he failed to get tickets for a Chelsea match on the internet earlier this year, but rather than give up, he decided to go to the top man directly.

"He wrote the letter around the start of February, it was handwritten on a piece of paper," his proud father Jeff recalled.

"At first he wanted to write to John Terry and Frank Lampard, but in the end he chose to write to the main man -- he knew exactly who Mr Abramovich was.

"In a nutshell he told him that he had been a Chelsea supporter all his life because of me, that we watched all the matches on telly together, and that he'd love to see the players in real life.

"He said that he tried to get tickets but couldn't, and if Mr Abramovich could help him get the tickets, he'd happily pay for them with his pocket money.

"He also told him that the match would give him a chance to visit his nan and grandad over the same weekend -- I'm originally from London, south of the Chelsea bridge," Jeff (35) told the Herald.

A few days later, Lucas received a response from a personal assistant of the Russian businessman which explained that many of the tickets were reserved for members of the Chelsea fan club but asking for Jeff to get in touch with Mr Abramovich's office.

"The letter thanked us for our loyalty and commitment, and they enclosed two autographed pictures of Didier Drogba and Florent Malouda as well as an official signed photograph of the whole team," Jeff said.

"One of Abramovich's personal assistants rang us to tell me that they had a match coming up against Wigan and three tickets came through the post by registered parcel."

The flights are now booked and the whole family -- Lucas's mum Michelle (38) and his brothers Brandon (7) and Samuel (4) -- will be off to London in early April.