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Blow for city hotel that renovated for Brooks gigs

Dublin's economy will lose up to €30m in revenue with hotels being hardest hit after Dublin City Council only granted a licence for three of the five Garth Brooks concerts.

John Glynn, who is the general manager of the Regency Hotel in Drumcondra, said: "There is no doubt we have suffered a huge loss.

"I upgraded all of our 270 rooms as an investment when I knew these concerts were coming down the line."

The hotel was fully booked out from July 25 to July 29, for the five nights of the Brooks concerts.

"The whole of Dublin was booked out. Fans have booked in rooms in Mullingar, Drogheda and Meath because they couldn't get rooms in Dublin," Mr Glynn told the Herald.

The well-known hotelier said that phones have been "hopping" since the news broke.


"There are people ringing saying they're going to cancel and so forth," he said.

Thousands of fans were travelling from the UK and America for the Garth Brooks concerts and they were making a week-long holiday out of it, said Mr Glynn.

Meanwhile, a member of the Dublin City Council Finance Committee Nial Ring has estimated a total loss of €27.2m to the city's economy.

He also said that the Exchequer will lose €2.4m in VAT on the tickets.