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Bloody Sunday girl to sing for the royals

THE granddaughter of one of the 13 people who lost their lives in the Bloody Sunday massacre is to sing for Prince Charles tomorrow.

Bethany McLoughlin (17) from Cairns Hill, Co Sligo was hand-picked to be part of a group of students who will sing four hymns at a service in Drumcliffe, Co Sligo.

Her grandfather, Gerard McKinney was gunned down by British troops in Derry on January 30, 1972 when he was just 35-years-old.

Her mother Mairead was just two-years-old when her father was died.

However Bethany, who is due to sing before both Prince Charles and Camilla, said that the past was the past and that "we all have to move on".

Before going ahead with her decision, Bethany consulted her grandmother, who told her to "sing her heart out".

She told the Anton Savage Show today that her grandmother "doesn't hold any bitterness" and saw it as a "great opportunity".


She spoke of a letter she had seen written by her grandfather to his wife which stirred fond and strong memories for the family, but said that there was "no hatred" for what had happened and that they "choose to forgive".

Bethany's father Gerrard Mc Loughlin said the visit of Prince Charles to the site at Mullaghmore where his uncle Lord Louis Mountbatten was killed "is making his own contribution to peace".