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'Blood everywhere' as shotgun fired at Easter party house

SURVIVORS of a gun attack in a west Dublin house have spoken of how they feared for their lives when they were hit with shotgun pellets during an Easter party.

Two young men and a young woman were treated for injuries after at least one gunman fired two shots through the front window of the house in Corduff Grove at around 4.20am.

Kenneth Smith (26), Lee Byrne (28) and Chantelle Brogan were wounded as they sat on a couch in the front room.

Smith has said he is innocent and does not know why the house was targeted.

It is understood the house was also the scene of a stabbing in recent weeks in which two men were injured.

"I'm completely shaken at the moment. I'm only after getting out of hospital, it is such a shock," he said.

One survivor said there was "blood everywhere" and outlined how the party turned to horror in a split second.

"I was sitting on the sofa inside the front window when I felt something brush past my head," said the youth who has survived a previous shooting attack in Corduff Park last year.

"That was the first shot hitting the window and I just yelled at everybody to hit the floor.

"Then the second blast came in and one of my friends, who was hunched over after the first shot, took the brunt of it in the back. It happened very quickly. One minute I was sitting on the couch playing FIFA 12 and the next there was blood everywhere.

"I was hit by a couple of pellets in the back of the head. The man whose house we were in was hit by six or seven pellets in the side of the head, and the girl who was hit in the side was lying on the ground and to be honest for a minute we thought she was dead."

Asked if he believed the incident was related to the shooting in Corduff Park last year in which he and two other friends were shot, the youth said he did not think they were connected.

One local resident said they were awoken by two loud bangs and was afraid to go out into the street until the ambulances arrived.

They said there had been a party at the house, and that injured man Kenneth Smith was seen being taken out on a stretcher.

"Other people were shouting that the girl was dead, she was hit in the neck but she's okay now I think," said the witness.

All the injured were taken to Connolly Hospital in Blanchardstown.

Gardai are investigating possible motives for the attack, and if it is related to the previous shooting in Corduff Park.

In a previous stabbing incident at the house two men received injuries that were not life threatening, and one is still believed to be in hospital.