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Blogger on Google is hurting us - Red Cross

THE Irish Red Cross is taking Google to court seeking the identity of a blogger who has allegedly posted inaccurate and damaging material about it on the internet.

The charity organisation claims the material posted anonymously by the blogger has wilfully distorted and misconstrued confidential material.

"It has had a serious impact on staff morale, on fundraising and on the day-to-day running of the organisation," a statement said.

Mr Justice Brian McGovern gave permission to the IRC to substitute Google Ireland Ltd, as defendant in the High Court action, with Google Incorporated, California, USA.

The IRC claims Google Ireland had advised it the blog was controlled by its parent company and yesterday's order will allow it to serve the company in California.

The action had also been taken against UPC Communications Ireland Ltd but the court heard yesterday proceedings against that company are to be discontinued.

The IRC said it will continue to pursue the actual blogger or bloggers.

It said that the action against Google was taken merely to identify the person who was posting the material, which is inaccurate and damaging to the IRC.

"Once we have identified the blogger/s, they can speak for themselves, and they will be given every opportunity to do so, and to justify their actions", the statement added.

It also said the IRC has "no difficulty" with Google or UPC, but it was a matter of essential fairness that the identity of the blogger is put in the public domain.