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Blaze mum leaves hospital for funerals of her sons

THE mother of two little boys killed by a Halloween house fire was released from hospital today to attend their funerals.

Cian (2) and Calvin (4) Ellard-Punch will be buried side-by-side today.

The brothers died after being trapped in their home at Elm Park, Wilton, Cork after a fire erupted in the kitchen.

The fire -- which is believed to have been caused by an electrical fault or the cooker -- trapped mum Stacey Ellard and her two children in an upstairs bedroom. Neighbours bravely smashed down the door -- but due to heat and smoke could not reach the mother and children.

Cian was pronounced dead shortly after admission to Cork University Hospital (CUH) last Sunday morning.

Calvin fought for his life for four days before dying on Wednesday afternoon.

The family decided to bury the boys at a private ceremony following Mass of the Angels at the Church of the Way of the Cross in Togher at 2pm today.

Stacey (26), who was found unconscious in a bedroom with both boys shielded in her arms, was expected to be discharged from CUH so she can attend the funerals.

She had been in Intensive Care and was moved to a general ward two days ago.

Her partner, Ricky Punch, has maintained a vigil at her hospital bedside.

A special fund at Permanent TSB's Bishopstown branch has now been set up for Stacey and Ricky.