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Blair honoured with US medal

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair received the Liberty Medal for his global human rights work and commitment to international conflict resolution.

Blair was honoured for his work with the Tony Blair Faith Foundation, which promotes religious tolerance; for his initiative to improve governance in Africa; and for advancing peace in Northern Ireland and the Middle East. The medal was presented by former President Bill Clinton.

Police braced for football riot

A major operation will be in force tonight in an attempt to avoid the scenes involving Rangers fans which marred the 2008 Uefa Cup Final in Manchester.

Greater Manchester Police said tonight's Champions League tie between the Glasgow club and Manchester United was "totally different" from the showpiece event two years ago but precautions would be in place to avoid more trouble.

Police chiefs fear United's own hooligan element could seek revenge for the riots that surrounded the final which Rangers lost 2-0 to Zenit St Petersburg.

Ten dead after US airstrike

Suspected US missiles hit a house in a Pakistani tribal area, killing 10 people in the 10th airstrike in the region this month, intelligence officials said.

The two officials said the missiles from an unmanned plane destroyed the home in the northern part of Shawal village, which is dominated by the Haqqani and Hafiz Gul Bahadur networks of militants fighting US troops across the border in Afghanistan.

They say Taliban militants dug 10 bodies from the rubble of the house.

Senators fight in parliament

Two Thai senators fought it out today in front of Parliament, but this was no political grudge match -- they wanted to promote traditional Thai kickboxing.

"It's good that I can still stand," 59-year-old Payap Tongchuen joked after donning gloves and trunks and going two rounds with Direk Tungfang in a boxing ring set up for the occasion in front of the parliament building in Bangkok.