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black-and-blue, BUT MICHELE's 'THRILLED' FOR Cathal

HIS face may show the results of a bruising encounter but the model girlfriend of Ultimate fighter Cathal Prendred has shared her delight at her boyfriend's stunning victory in front of a hometown crowd.

Michele McGrath cheered on Cathal as he clashed with American figter Mike King in a middleweight Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) bout in Dublin's O2 on Saturday night.

The Dubliner nearly crashed out in the first round before claiming victory in the second in front of a capacity crowd of 9,500.


"My God! My heart actually stopped for a second! My boyfriend is the most incredible person I've ever met!" posted Michelle after the win on Twitter.

After the fight an elated Cathal told the crowd: "I was sitting out there as a fan five-and-a-half years ago, and I said: 'I'm going to fight in there one day, and I'm going to fight in there the next time they come back to Dublin'."

The former rugby schools star (26), who was left with a black eye and cut nose after the fight, has been dating model Michele for about a year.

The chief of the UFC, Dana White, hailed Cathal's dogged victory over King as "one of the greatest comebacks I have ever seen".

Showing there was no lasting tension between the fighters Cathal Tweeted afterwards: "Myself and 'Mike the Man King' went to war last night. Then we went and had a few drinks together. I love this sport!!"

Four other Irishmen clinched victories on the night, including Conor McGregor.