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Bitter disappointment as search for Mary ends

THE latest search for the remains of missing schoolgirl Mary Boyle has ended with no trace.

Six-year-old twin, Mary Boyle from Kincasslagh, County Donegal, vanished without a trace while on a family visit to her grandparents in the remote area of Cashelard, north of Ballyshannon in March 1977.

An 84-year-old Dutch psychic, who is in failing health, visited the site for a third time with country singer Margo at the weekend and claimed that the child's remains were in a swamp on the side of the hill overlooking the farm.

This prompted a fresh dig which got under way on Sunday.

But last night, the search was called off because of poor conditions.

Speaking from the scene, Michael Boyle, a family friend said that it may resume again at a later date.

"The friends of the family will look at the situation again and will consider a later search when the weather is better. It wasn't very good for this search," he said.

Meanwhile, Margo, a sister of singer Daniel O'Donnell said she believed the remains of missing schoolgirl Mary Boyle will be found in mountainous swampland, not far from where she disappeared almost 34-years-ago.

Margo, who is a cousin of the missing child and who took part in the original search for Mary, revealed that the Dutch psychic had worked with police in the US for 17 years and had been successful in the past in tracing missing people.


When he initially became involved in the Mary Boyle case in 1977 he was sent a photograph of the missing child with her twin sister and brother and a little cardigan belonging to her.

From the photograph, he was able to pick the twin that was missing, she said.

Gardai confirmed that they maintained a supervisory presence at the search scene.