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Bin firm ups rates for waiver customers

THOUSANDS of Dublin householders face a hike in their bin charges following a decision by Greyhound to change the rates applied to waiver customers.

Homes that avail of the waiver scheme are set to see their annual bills rise to €150 a year.

This will represent more than a doubling in the fees paid out by some waiver customers in the capital.

A waiver is given to households whose sole income stems from social welfare or where the household income falls below the income tax threshold.


It was inherited by Greyhound following the controversial sale of the city's bin service by Dublin City Council in 2011.

However the company has consistently refused to rule out changes to the rates applied to waiver customers – despite criticism from city politicians.

A company spokeswoman confirmed to the Herald that waiver customers will now be forced to pay €12.50 per month – meaning their annual charge will rise to €150 a year.

While customers availing of this scheme previously paid based on bin lifts, the move means some customers will see their yearly bill more than double. Independent councillor Damian O'Farrell described the move as "crass" and said it would be upsetting to families planning for Christmas.

"Those that avail of the waiver scheme are some of the most needy and struggling residents in this city," he said.

"They cannot afford this crass hike from Greyhound and I am calling on the company to ensure that there are no further nasty increases around the corner.

"The fact that this has been revealed just weeks before Christmas will prove very upsetting."

A Greyhound spokeswoman could not say whether the charges applied to waiver customers would be increased further in the future.

She said Greyhound is the only household waste management company that offers a reduced rate to former Dublin City Council waiver customers.

The scheme itself, according to the spokeswoman, costs Greyhound €1m a year.

"Greyhound offers its customers the lowest monthly charge available and overall its rates remain the cheapest available in the market," she said.