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Bill fired me because I wouldn't play up to cameras

THE second candidate to be fired from this year's Irish Apprentice show has criticised fellow contestants for playing up to the cameras.

Dublin-based entrepreneur Yinka Rahman (25) said: "There was a lot of stuff that went against me and perhaps the main one was that I was always hiding from the cameras, because that allowed me to feel more comfortable to get on with things.

"Some contestants were waiting around until the cameras were there, it was pathetic."

Yinka, who is originally from Nigeria, told the Herald that she viewed her experience on the show as nothing more than a means to getting more publicity for her own company.

While most contestants try to emulate Apprentice boss Bill Cullen (69), Yinka said she felt "quite sad" for people who had no other ambition than being on the show or working for the multimillionaire.

"For me, the Apprentice was never the be all and end all, It was a way to open doors for my business. For some of the contestants, their big dream is to be on the show, work for Bill, and I feel quite sad for them because there should be more to life. I don't want to be disrespectful, but he's not my idol, I didn't go on the show for that, it was strictly business for me."

Yinka was fired as Mr Cullen said she "oversaw a disaster".

Yinka's business idea is an online website, selling human hair extensions to the public at www.hairweavon.com.


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