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Biker fights for life after collision with garda car


Evan Molloy was seriously injured in the crash

Evan Molloy was seriously injured in the crash

Evan Molloy was seriously injured in the crash

A young Dublin man was fighting for his life last night after his motorbike collided with a garda squad car in the north inner city.

The horrific incident occurred on Christmas Day.

Evan Molloy, (23) collided with the side of the garda car at speed on Buckingham Street at approximately 4:50am.

Mr Molloy was rushed to the Mater Hospital, but has since been transferred to Beamount Hospital due to the severity of his injuries.

It is believed that he underwent surgery after arriving at the Dublin hospital.

The injured man's brother, Gareth, was shot dead by gardai during the attempted robbery of a security van in Lucan, Co Dublin in May 2009.

Last Friday's incident is being investigated by the Garda Siochana Ombudsman Commission (GSOC), as is the case with road traffic collisions involving garda vehicles.


However, it is understood that video footage of the incident shows that the crash appears to be a tragic accident.

"The driver of the motorbike was travelling at considerable speed from Sean MacDermot Street to Killarney Street, while the Traffic Corps car was driving on Buckingham Street Lower when the collision happened at the junction of both roads," a source told the Herald.

"The garda vehicle was not driving with its flashing lights on and did not appear to be involved in a chase with the motorbike, and it rather looks like a very tragic accident more than anything else," the source added.

After Mr Molloy collided with the passenger-side of the squad car he was launched from his bike several feet into the air before landing on the other side of the garda vehicle, which subsequently mounted a curb and crashed into a pole.

A member of An Garda Siochana was also transferred to hospital, but has since been discharged.

Following the incident on Christmas morning, a team of GSOC investigators attended the scene of the accident.


"A motorbike and a garda patrol car collided, resulting in serious damage to both vehicles and what appears to be serious injury to the driver of the motorbike - a man in his early 20s," a GSOC spokesman said.

It said that a forensic collision examination has been undertaken.

The body is appealing for any witnesses to contact them.

Neighbours of Mr Molloy have described him as a "happy-go-lucky " person.