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Bike hangar to be tested 
in city centre

With parking at a premium and cycling becoming the go-to form of transport in Dublin, a project has been launched looking at bike hangars for secure parking in the city.

The curved huts have been rolled out in London and 
Japan and now Dublin City Council (DCC) will test the idea in the capital.

Up to six bikes will fit in the on-street hangars and cyclists will be charged a small fee, similar to motorists paying for a parking ticket or renting a car space.

The idea has taken off in London, with four boroughs offering cyclists safe huts to park their bikes in for the day.


Similar to the Dublinbikes scheme, people can look up available spots online before arriving at their destination.

Prices for an annual spot start from £30 (€38) in London, where the hangars are also known as bike lockers.

The DCC project is being run from the City Architect's office, with the first hangar arriving in Dublin in coming weeks.

"The bike hangar has been ordered and we're going to ask people where they think is a good location to test it out," said Shane Waring from DCC.

The hangar costs €3,400 and if it is not used after the trial a return policy has been set up where the council will get 50pc of the money back.

A possible location for the hangar is somewhere around Temple Bar or Wood Quay.

"Maybe as close to the council as possible would be good so that we can monitor the trial," Mr Waring said.

The bike locker that will be tried out here will take up half a typical car-parking space.

The council's Beta Project section wanted to see if there was any space for the safe storage of a city dweller's or worker's transport other than of a car.

The number of cyclists in the capital has doubled in the last 10 years, with almost 10,000 people arriving into the city on a bike for work every day.

Cycling in the city increased by 14pc in 2013.