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Big freeze is back ... for a day

Dubliners woke up to a chilling reminder of the Big Freeze today with extensive snowfall across the capital.

But despite the freezing temperatures lasting the rest of the week, forecasters have insisted the worst will be over by tomorrow.

A spokesperson for Met Eireann explained: "During the night there was a bit of everything -- rain, sleet and snow, with the worst-affected areas being on high ground.

"Luckily for us a lot of the snow had rain, meaning not a lot of it stuck on low-level areas.

"During daylight hours, the high-ground areas in Dublin will be most affected, and very little at low levels. Although there will be extremely low temperatures."

While the Leinster area has been hit hard by the sudden cold snap, Ulster is bracing itself for further snowfall and harsher temperatures.

"Tonight, Ulster and Leinster will have further sleet and snow, but it's a lot better in the south west.

"Early tomorrow morning it will have wrapped up and the worst will be over. The threat continues in the north and east today and tomorrow, and in the late morning it will stay cold."