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Biffo fury as ‘Anglo bailout rebuffed’

EX ANGLO chief executive David Drumm has claimed that Brian Cowen wanted to heap billions of euro of taxpayers’ money into the struggling bank.

And when the National Treasury Management Agency (NTMA), which manages billions on behalf of the taxpayer, refused the request, the Taoiseach is reported to have called them “f******” in an outburst.

Drumm claims that outburst happened at a dinner with Anglo directors. The claims have been denied by the Taoiseach.

But the reports add to the pressure on the Taoiseach over his dealings with Anglo.

A cash injection by the NTMA would have staved off the bank’s collapse and the Taoiseach was said to have expressed frustration in April 2008 at the independent body’s failure to do his bidding, telling Anglo executives at a dinner “I told those f****ers,” referring to the NTMA.

A spokesman for the Taoiseach today insisted that they had no basis in fact.

“The claim had previously been discredited by no less a person than [former NTMA chief executive] Michael Somers on public radio, that he never received any political representations seeking to encourage him to deposit money in Anglo,” he said.