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Bieber baby-claim woman drops lawsuit but vows she'll fight on

The woman who claimed teen singer Justin Bieber fathered a baby with her has dropped her paternity lawsuit -- but is pursuing her claim out of court.

Mariah Yeater (20), right, from California, had claimed in her lawsuit that she had sex backstage with the 17-year-old Canadian singer last year and that he was the father of her baby who was born in July. She was demanding child support.

Bieber, left, has repeatedly denied the allegation, saying he never met Ms Yeater but said last week he would take a paternity test. Sources close to Bieber have said arrangements are under way for the DNA test to take place soon.

Chicago attorney Jeffery Leving said Ms Yeater had dropped the lawsuit but had a new legal team and hoped to reach a private settlement with Bieber's lawyers.

"She believes Justin Bieber is the father," Mr Leving said in a TV interview.


"Negotiations are going on right now with Bieber's counsel and we're trying to negotiate a private, secure DNA test with the same safeguards that would exist if there were a court order, but without a court order."

"This matter is not over," he added.

It was not clear why the paternity lawsuit was dropped but Mr Leving said Ms Yeater had received death threats and was being harassed by the media.

Bieber's spokesman Matthew Hiltzik called it "sad" that "someone would fabricate such a malicious, defamatory, and demonstrably false claim. We'll continue to consider all of our options to protect Justin."

The baby claims have threatened to tarnish Bieber's squeaky clean image and left Ms Yeater open to a possible charge of statutory rape because Bieber was only 16 years-old at the time of the alleged encounter.

In her complaint, Ms Yeater claimed the two had sex for 30 seconds in a backstage bathroom after she attended a Bieber concert in Los Angeles in October 2010.

Bieber, who has been promoting his new Christmas album in Europe, has been silent on Twitter.