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Bewley's sign will stay at rival cafe site

The iconic name of Bewley's will keep its historic place on Westmoreland Street in Dublin, thanks to its status as a heritage site.

The beautiful Victorian building has borne the name Bewley's since it was first opened as a cafe in 1895.

However the Campbell Bewley Group recently applied to have all traces of the name removed from the facade of the building which it sold in 2006.

The building was boarded up until it reopened as the Fleet Hotel, operated by Windward Management, in 2008.

The cafe is now a Starbucks and a TGI Fridays restaurant operated by brothers Colm and Ciaran Butler, however it retains the Bewley's name.

Michael O'Sullivan of Bewley's sought an exemption to a protection order which would allow the name to be removed provided it restored the stained glass and mosaic facade and floor tiling.

In a statement to the Herald the Campbell Bewley Group said: "Bewley's does not own or operate the building on Westmoreland St, which was the former site of a Bewley's Cafe.

"As the building now has a new tenant, it is appropriate that the Bewley's signage be removed and that is the reason for the application to Dublin City Council."

The council ruled that the mosaic signage and floor tiles bearing the Bewley name should be protected.

However the historic name can be removed from the stained glass in the main entrance doors.

Heritage conservationist and head of the Save Bewley's Cafe Campaign, Damien Cassidy, said: "Bewley's has given life to Westmoreland Street. People don't want to see what they can see in America. They want to see something that has heritage and is part of Dublin's history."