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Beverley's ex is found working in Blanchardstown

BEVERLEY Flynn's 'missing' ex-husband is alive and working in Dublin.

John Cooper has been located in Blanchardstown where he is employed as a senior mechanical engineer.

Reports that he had not been in contact with his family in Britain since 1997 sparked nationwide curiosity yesterday.

But it has now emerged that he is working for Malone Engineering in west Dublin.

"He's worked with us for the past 11 years and continues to do so," said a company official.



His family had made a public appeal as to his whereabouts in a desperate bid to contact Mr Cooper before his brother's funeral next week.

His one-time in-laws said they were in the dark.

Former Fianna Fail Minister Padraig Flynn revealed that he had not spoken to John Cooper in well over a decade.

Speaking from his Castlebar home, Mr Flynn said he had no idea where his former son-in-law was, adding that the family had not kept in contact with him after his split from Beverly in 1997.

"I know nothing about where he could be, I haven't seen him for, it must be 12 years, not at all.

"Now, I know he's not buried in the garden," he joked.

The ex-EU Commissioner added that he believed his daughter had not kept contact with Mr Cooper.

"I'd say Beverly knows as little as I know," he added.

Mr Cooper, who is from the UK, moved to Ireland in 1989 after meeting Ms Flynn in France. The couple were married for six years before separating in 1997. He came to public attention again this week when relatives in the UK made a desperate plea for him to get in touch following the death of his brother Peter John Cooper.

Mr Cooper's nephew Stephen said the family had had no contact with his uncle since 1997 but were eager to invite him to the funeral if he so wished.

During his time living in Castlebar with his then-wife, John Cooper kept a low profile, according to locals.

"He didn't get involved in her public life much. Beverly would have been at everything but you would never have met him at many things," said one local.