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Betsy's first to grab Herald golden ticket

A DUBLIN woman has become the first of three Herald readers to be in with the chance of winning €100,000.

Lucky winner Betsy Burdis, from Finglas East in North Dublin, found her golden ticket in Thursday's Herald.

Three golden tickets were randomly inserted into copies of the paper.

The tickets are part of an competition run by Dublin's 98FM which gives 98 listeners the chance to win the grand prize of €100,000. The ticket winners will be entered in a draw on April 2 when the overall winner of the top prize will be announced.

The excited community creche worker said that she was only home from shopping when she found the prize.

She admitted it took time to sink in and she thought it was a hoax until she dialled the number on the back.

"I found it yesterday evening after I was shopping in Dunnes," she said.

"I was flicking through the paper and I found an envelope stuck with Blu-Tack but I thought it was a hoax. I dialled the number on it and the girl on the phone told me it was for real."

Mother-of-two Betsy said her children were more excited than her and were thinking of ways to spend the winnings before they had them.

"The eldest is 21 and is on a gap year so I phoned her and she had nearly spent the money before she got in the door," she joked.

After this week's Justin Bieber hype, it's no surprise that Betsy's youngest child hoped that if they won the money, they could pay for a private concert.

"The younger one is 12 and had been to Justin Bieber during the week and was wondering if we would have enough money to pay him to come play at the house."